Welcoming our New Logo

Today we celebrate the beginning of a new era by launching our new corporate logo! Our new logo design better represents who we are today & where we want to go in the near future and is perfectly aligned with our vision to develop Greek signature products that will add value to people s life & the environment. It has also a clean & contemporary look & feel whereas still preserves its original fundamentals:


Paltsidis, our established corporate name since 1975, brings out our family business principles (personal care, safety, reliability, quality, consistency, continuity) while Hellenic Gastronomy descriptor, emphasizes on our Greek origin.


Its unique, friendly & approachable character perfectly communicates the love & personal care for what we do. Latin characters indicate extroversion & the prospect of further expansion in international countries.


Green color expresses freshness, wellness & growth, core elements of our new corporate philosophy. While maintaining the fundamentals mentioned above,
our new logo is now more consistent with our brand values, vision & promise:


The two leaves on top of letter i, symbolize our transformation & commitment in adopting more wellbeing & sustainable practices, with respect to humans & the environment.


The curved shape of our new logo represents our corporate attributes such as continuity, flexibility, adaptability & growth.

Become fellow travelers to Paltsidis brand journey by spreading our love & passion for authentic Greek food.

Ready for boarding?