Dips & salads New Look!

With more than 45 years of expertise in producing dips, salads & spreads, we are proud to present the brand new look of Paltsidis dip collection.

Our new packaging, bright & colorful, expresses corporate brand’s transformation & outgoing spirit that looks to the future without forgetting its past.

It also brings out:

  • οur love & personal care for what we do by using only the best of ingredients mixed with perfection!
  • οur commitment to adopt more sustainable practices by using 50% less plastic & 100% recycled paper on our packaging.

New visual design, which is friendly, appetizing & inviting is perfectly aligned with our brand’s promise for every day moments that make you happy! If you are looking for surprisingly delicious dips with a Greek origin & a promising packaging you are welcome to discover our ΄Dip In Love΄ collection with the superior quality of paltsidis since 1975.