Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. was established in 1975 introducing new tastes of appetizers to consumers. Ever since, Hellenic Gastronomy PaItsidi S.A. has been developed into one of the most competent production lines not only in the Greek but also in the European market. Produces a big variety of appetizers , yoghurt desserts , mustard and ketchup dressings, salted and oiled processed fish, pizza products and a major level production of canned products. However , there is a continuous interest in the creation of new and foremost pure products. The company operates in an area of 14.000 m2 of modern facilities with automated equipment. The company’ s facilities comply with the necessary rules and conditions specified by the law and they have been certified under the approvals of 18-2-194 and 18-SL-7 of the E.U. In addition, under the full application of the H.A.C.C.P. procedure for the best and most effective assurance of product quality , the company fulfills its aim of offering food products of high quality and standards to the consumer. Thus, Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. having successfully combined tradition and technological development , through its big experience, challenges you to try the Original gastronomic delights for yourselves.

The company makes sure that each production step is thoroughly checked by chemicals and food technologists, in order to achieve perfect preparation of products while maintaining their traditional features. Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. is continuously investing in new technologies modernizing in this way its equipment and improving its production capacity. For this reason Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. is proud of obtaining one of the most vertical and automated retail production lines, but also one of the biggest and modern facilities of biological purification plant in the food industry.

The privately-owned  fleet  is composed  of  20 vehicles  the  10 of  which  are  refrigerated  lorries. In  this way  the distribution of products in Thessaloniki and in the neighboring counties is achieved safely and quickly. In the rest of Greece the products of Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. are distributed through our representatives. The company has an intense export  activity  not only  in the European  countries  but also  in other  continents.  However, the  interest  in  finding  new  markets  is  continuous.


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